What is meant by being cool?

Does anything else matter?

Are acronyms in?

OOAAFLT mixes contemporary dance with storytelling and comedy to question what is cool these days.  In this semi-autobiographical show Lewys considers which is more important to him: to be cool or to be himself.   Lewys wanted to be cool for a long time but in recent years has found things that are more important to him; mostly dance.


Praise for Of, or at, A Fairly Low Temperature: 

'We laughed a lot; nervously at first but then as his improvising and riffing off the audience developed, this turned into deep belly laughs as we delighted in his lampooning of machismo strutting and male social mores.'

Roy Hutchins, Fringe Review

'Lewys manages to be like both of them. He seems to have the lazy, narcissistic self-confidence to tell us that he’s cool and get away with it. In a bit of stand-up near the start he seems to be improvising lazily, almost as if he’s seeing how little he can do and get away with it. Just         turning on the tap in a sink in the corner of the anatomy theatre gets a laugh.'

Ramsay Burt

'...both delightfully and disconcertingly bizarre'

Lilly Posnett, Buxton Fringe

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