Selected Performances

Retold, Mercurial Dance [2018]

Captain Simon, Serious Business Theatre Company [2017]

In The Shadow Of The Penis, Christopher Owen  [2016-17] 

Dancebombing, Dirtmarket, Burton on Trent [2016-17]

Tree (2012)Sweetshop Revolution, Inside Out Dorset Festival, Bournemouth [2016]

Phrases, Lewys Holt (work in progress) [2016-ongoing] 

Quick Shifts. Numerous improvised performances [2013-ongoing]

Of, Or At A Fairly Low Temperature, Lewys Holt funded by ACE [2015-ongoing performances nationally]

The Sleepwalkers (film), Rana Hamadeh, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham [2015]

A Bird Flies in From Outside, Amy Pickles, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham [2015]

Measuring A Great, Amy Pickles, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery [2015]

Kiss (2002) Tino Seghal, The Henry Moore Institute [2015]

The Body, Joe Moran, Nottingham Contemporary [2014]

Multiple Points in This Crude Landscape, Jonathan Baldock and Florence Peake, Primary, Nottingham [2014]

Take a Bite of the Peach, Rebecca Ounstead, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham. [2014]

Remake, Florence Peake. Bohunk Institute, Nottingham [2013]

Conversation Garden, Lewys Holt, Daniel Nicholas and Jack Britton [2012-ongoing]

Ping, Pong, Crash and Other Sounds, Priya Mistry [2012-13] 

Meltdown, Rosemary Lee: Dance Umbrella at Granary Square, London. [2012]

Square Dances, Rosemary Lee: Dances Umbrella at Brunswick Square Gardens, London. [2011]