CAJ COLLAB : Lewys + Zia

7.30pm, 19th Jan, Poplar Union, London

CAJ COLLAB invites two artists from different disciplines who have never worked together before and gives them a day to play. What they come up with is entirely up to them and they must perform it that evening! This time round, dance artist Lewys Holt and poet and writer Zia Ahmed join forces. In a low-key setting, we witness the fruits of their labour, without the labour-intensive process.



Conversation Garden on Love Island: A Choose Your own mis-adventure

10:30pm, 8th Feb, Firebug, Leicester

Last year Conversation Garden were detectives in a sold-out bakery based whodunnit which won Best Improv Show, this year they’ve ditched the aprons for swimwear. Dan, Lewys & Jack are marooned on Love Island, looking for love, money, and maybe survival. Matt Watts returns as host, with an improvised score from music man Doug Deans. In this show, it's your turn to decide what happens next. Prepare for an evening of unpredictable hilarity & mayhem.



Open Class at The Lodge Space w/ Lewys Holt

10am-11:30am, 13th-14th Feb, The Lodge Space, London

This class will explore the differences and similarities between improvisation and set material. Through these practices we will investigate how it feels to approach set material as if it were an improvisation and improvisation as if it were material that we knew like the back of our hands. We will approach not knowing with a sense of clarity and precision and we will approach attempting to know with a relaxed sensibility and lack of judgement, we will share our dances with each other through watching and through moving together. Throughout the class we will fluctuate in energy, as we explore a range of physical states from sweaty to not so sweaty.



Ensemble Improvisation Directed by Lewys Holt

7:45pm, 15th Feb, York Theatre Royal, York

A cast of dancers will choreograph and perform this dance piece at the same time. Playing off each other, playing with each other, agreeing, disagreeing... it’s all going to have to be part of it. 30 minutes in the moment, moment to moment. At the moment there will be movement, speaking, swinging, stories, thrusting, shaping, declaring, singing, running... but who knows what will go in in the moment. Featuring Eleanor Sikorski, Sally Doughty, Inari Hulkkonen, Pete Shenton and sounds provided by Tariq Emam.

This show is part of a double bill with Seke Chimutengwende’s new solo piece Plastic Soul




6pm, 22nd Feb, Grays@LCB Depot, Leicester

Improv like you've never seen it before. Featuring these guys Lewys Holt (does comedy but is also a professional dancer... whaaaat?) and Daniel Nicholas (a comedian mildly obsessed with animal print shirts) They'll be writing, choreographing and performing simultaneously on stage. Sometimes funny. Sometimes something...else. Expect crazy characters, unusual moves, and homoerotic behaviour. Who knows what will happen? They don't.



Phrases at The Place

7:30pm, 26th Feb, The Place, London

What do you do when dealing with miscommunication and confusion is unavoidable?

Big questions, but don't worry Lewys Holt is here to help with his PowerPoint, well Keynote, presentation.

Using projections of stream-of-consciousness writing, improvised movement and discussions of communication, Lewys stands united with the anxious, the confused and those who overthink to face awkwardness head-on in this subtly humorous yet unnerving piece.

"It was really inspiring... there is no substitute for intelligent, reflective, thoughtful ideas and approaches to making" - Pete Shenton, New Art Club

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