Photo by Liam Keown

Miscommunication and confusion are often things to be avoided but what if you just lay into them? What if there's actually nothing else? Big questions. Existential meanderings. Don't worry. I have a PowerPoint.

Phrases exists in a kind of ethereal space. Projections of stream of consciousness writing are paired with often improvised movement and discussions of communication to create a subtly humorous yet unnerving piece. Generally the piece expresses some kind of solidarity with the anxious and the confused and those who overthink. It doesn't even really tell anyone that it's going to be just kind of goes 'I know...'. and strokes your head at same time as having it's own little freak out. 

Running time: approx 40 minutes

Choreographed and Performed by Lewys Holt, produced by Daniel Nicholas, Writing consultancy: Olivia Winteringham, Lighting design: Barnaby Booth, Dramaturgy: Tiia Ojala, Inari Hulkkonen, Stephanie McMann, Charles Linehan, Eleanor Sikorski, Practical researchers: Seraina Dejaco, Louisa Robey, Liza Mortimer, Danni Spooner, Ian Dolan Tiia Ojala, Inari Hulkkonen, Eleanor Sikorski, Jack Britton, Paloma Styles 

Footage of full show available on request

Available for touring 2019/20 individually or in double bill with Footnotes

Photos by Matt Cawrey

Video by James Hissett and Liam Keown

Development of Phrases was supported by De Montfort University and the following